Enjoy a One-Stop Shop
Within one application, seven modules synchronize to make your job easier. Enter notes; review full invoice, payment, and adjustment histories; reference contact information and more from a single screen.

Target High Potential Receivables

Focus your day with a personalized To Do list. Then use the flexible, rich queries of the Collection Account Navigator to target high-potential areas of your portfolio and monitor growing work-in-progress balances. Furthermore, write-offs in your time and billing system do not have to end collections efforts in star*collect. Integrated throughout star*collect are functions enabling you to aggressively collect on these gone-but-not-forgotten receivables.

Depend on Reliable Reports

Enhanced A/R Aging and Master Aging Reports are distinctly flexible with dynamic aging buckets, user-specified activity and payment histories, and print and e-mail output destinations. You’ll also find the Account Navigator accommodates countless unique reporting requests with its extensive filters, on-the-fly groupings, and reusable setups.

Run Statements Quickly and Easily

Tailor letters, statements, and e-mail notifications to your firm’s preferences through our easy-to-use *Notices Script Editor. Eliminate excuses by including invoice copies right from the start!

Clone Yourself with Automation

With star*collect’s automated processes, bulk tasks are a snap. Print or e-mail statements and payment plan letters, assign collectors to new receivables, generate collection activity templates, and so much more. Better yet, we’ll set your jobs up to run unattended so it runs while you sleep!