Consolidate Data for a New Perspective
Use star*dataWarehouse to consolidate data from your payroll, human resources, accounting systems, and more into one cogent database. Multiple database levels and indices provide fast response to queries and report requests. Its data is accessible with any SQL-compliant reporting tool, such as:

  • Crystal Reports
  • IQ Objects
    Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • ASP Runner
  • Microsoft Excel, Access, Visual Basic,.net tools, and SQL Reporting Services

Prepare for the Unexpected
star*dataWarehouse provides system redundancy. Its queries and reports can be run even when your accounting system is unavailable and are portable from one financial accounting system to another. As a test environment for report and inquiry software development, star*dataWarehouse lets your team develop reports and inquiries without affecting other mission critical systems.

Bank on Web-Based Reports
star*dataWarehouse’s companion web-based reporting suite provides multi-dimensional statistical information to management, partners, timekeepers, and staff.