Technical Services

Technical Training
Select* Associates provides technical training for HP-UX, SQL Server, NT. UniVerse, and more.

Productivity and Performance Review
Our Productivity and Performance Review can extend the life-cycle of your existing hardware, improve system performance and administration, and enable capacity planning and forecasting. Services include:

•  Full system hardware/software audit
•  Investigation and documentation of kernel and operating system    configurations
•  Documentation of system usage patterns and extensive statistics gathering
•  Documentation of your current workload and work patterns, as well as
   future plans

Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation
Your data is vital to the success of your organization, and backups alone are not enough. Our Disaster Recovery Plan provides a step-by-step outline for recreating the crucial areas of your data infrastructure in the event of a disaster. Services include:

•  Hardware and software analysis
•  Complete plan and implementation documentation
•  Representation on the firm's behalf as liaison with hardware/software    suppliers to ensure that your system is repaired and restored to full
   operation as quickly as possible
•  Implementation of the pursuant section of your Disaster Recovery Plan if the    scenario arises and your system cannot be repaired or restored

Conversion of Existing Data
The data you have is as important as the data you'll enter in the future. We'll add your historical data to your new database. Existing clients with similar needs can rest assured knowing that we're also experienced completing conversions with live databases.

Security Auditing
Experienced professionals evaluate your system security lapses or vulnerabilities in the following areas:

•  Password protection
•  Validity of passwords and ease of detection
•  File system layouts, policies permissions, and access levels
•  Host and network permissions
•  External access audit, including limiting access, tracking dial in sessions, etc.
•  Detection of existing security violations, such as hidden users, scripts, etc.
•  Physical system security

In addition, we provide an up-to-date Topology Map, showing client's machines and their interconnections; a Hardware Map, outlining each piece of installed hardware; and a Software Map, outlining software and version information to aid in problem resolution and upgrade planning.

OS/Database Upgrade support
Switching hardware platforms or applications, converting databases, and installing or upgrading existing hardware and networking infrastructure often overtax limited IT resources. Offload these tasks to our technical experts so that yours can continue to focus on keeping your firm running smoothly. We can also assist with the planning and execution of all hardware and software modifications including:

•  Estimating down time
•  Acting as the liaison with suppliers and users
•  Checking supplied equipment and software
•  Planning the installing system modifications
•  Preparing test schedules and acceptance criteria