star*collect eBill tracker 2.0: Organize, Track and Manage your Electronic Bills

The star*collect eBill tracker is an optional module that links directly with the eBillingHub™ to provide near real-time reporting on the status of your electronic invoices.

star*collect’s new eBill viewer is a powerful inquiry tool to manage and report on each stage an eBill goes through prior to being collected.

star*collect eBill Tracker 2.0 Benefits
  • Automatically classify your eBilling Clients and Matters
  • Track the status of your invoices through each step of the electronic billing process
  • Learn about potential eBilling issues immediately – as soon as they occur.
  • Notify your billing staff when you receive notification that eBills require resubmission.
  • View your eBills with star*collect’s integrated eBill viewer.