Collection Services

star*collect Training & Desk-side Support
Select* Associates provides end-user training, management training, and technical training. We welcome opportunities to visit you in person in any of your domestic or foreign offices. We'll dedicate time to desk-side support to optimize each user's productivity. If on-site training is difficult to coordinate, we work with you to provide instruction via a web-based training session.
Download Training Brochure (This is a 3-panel brochure best viewed as a printed document.)

Configuration Services
Save yourself time by tasking Select* Associates to build and maintain your *Notices scripts, *AutoCollect processes, and special report setups. Often we can get you up and running in a fraction of the time so you can profit from the changes sooner rather than later.

Custom Reports
We know report requests reflect the unique needs and personalities of your attorneys, management team, and internal processes. Whether your reports are printed, e-mailed, or reviewed online, we can assist you in accommodating your reporting requirements.

Customized Exports
Has your time and billing system been customized over the years? Do you take advantage of the user-defined fields it offers? Or is there collection-related data in an entirely different database? Just let us know. We'll work with you to export the data to a helpful location in star*collect.

The data you have is as important as the data you'll enter in the future. Select* Associates can carefully add your historical data to your new database. Existing clients with similar needs can rest assured knowing that we're also experienced completing conversions with live databases.