Data Warehousing Services

Warehouse Creation
Warehouse data from multiple databases including human resources, payroll, general ledger, accounts payable and records management with data from time and billing application in star*dataWarehouse.

Data Warehousing Training
Training is available for star*dataWarehouse, data flow (including on "other" data sources), and data distribution.

Create Data Marts & Cubes
Rutherford D. Rogers said, "We're drowning in information and starving for knowledge."   Let us combine data from single or multiple sources to create new data marts and cubes, enabling you to easily access and analyze data for the answers you need.

Custom Reports
We know report requests reflect the unique needs and personalities of your attorneys, management team, and internal processes. We'll build and deploy custom reports to your specifications, using industry standard reporting tools, such as Crystal Reports, Cognos, ASP.NET, SQL Reporting Services, and IQ Objects.

Custom Databases
We'll design and implement custom databases (i.e. profitability, FTE) using data extracted from star*dataWarehouse and other data sources.