star*collect   - Case Study

Combined Elite and CMS Data in star*collect Promotes Team Integration
Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale & Dorr, LLP:

When the Boston-based law firm of Hale & Dorr merged with the DC-based law firm of Wilmer Cutler and Pickering, a consolidated firm with over 1,000 attorneys in 17 offices around the world was created.

Business operations were merged throughout the firm with one exception. The Boston and Washington, DC accounting offices were each using a different collections management application, which provided data for selected office only. Since the firms had merged their collections management and financial reporting functions and responsibilities, this presented a problem.

Wilmer Hale started with two disparate Collection Management systems. The firm requested that Select* Associates provide one comprehensive, firm-wide Collections Management solution. It must be flexible enough to define different “collection rules” for different offices within the firm while maintaining one consolidated database for financial reporting.

Accounts receivable and other financial data from the two separate systems must be merged into one consolidated Collection Data Warehouse to support the entire firm. Furthermore, financial reporting to the newly created Wilmer Hale firm must support data from all offices.

Select* Associates showcased their powerful collections management system, star*collect, as the single application to consolidate data from all offices and manage day-to-day collections activities. Select* Associates also provided a robust firm-wide data warehouse to perform the collections management and related financial reporting. Services performed include:

  1. Data Extraction
    Data was retrieved from separate financial application servers in Washington, DC and Boston offices.
  2. Data Cleansing
    Data validation, error checking and reporting was provided on both sites’ data sources.
  3. Data Warehousing/Database Merging
    Data from all offices was merged into one consolidated Collection Management Data Warehouse for subsequent application processing and financial reporting.
  4. star*collect Installation
    star*collect was installed in all offices to manage daily collections activities.

Wilmer Hale relies on star*collect to manage their daily collection activities from all offices. star*collect combines data from all Wilmer Hale offices into a single Collection Data Warehouse with reports and inquires that summarize data for the entire Wilmer Hale firm.