Remote Time Entry
Enter time details via your laptop, notebook, or desktop PC from the comfort of your home or the convenience of a client’s site. Then upload your data when the time is right.

Graphical Display Accelerates Text Editing
Use nicknames, work codes, and standard Windows® cut, copy, and paste functions to accelerate narrative editing. Enhanced spell-checking with standard and user-defined dictionaries encourages professional narratives. An extensive drag-and-drop timer feature makes accurate time recording effortless. You can track each time entry separately, and star*time™ automatically updates your time, adding to any manual entry.

Optional Narrative Content Review module
star*time’s Narrative Content Review module is a rules-based content checker, designed to prevent unnecessary write-offs due to time narratives not meeting your clients’ time entry requirements. Select* Associates identifies the applicable time recording rules and includes them in the star*time description analysis software. When a narrative rule is violated, the system notifies the user and provides details for modifying the time entry narrative. As an example, if a user enters the narrative “conference call with Joe Dash,” a message indicates that the person who approved the call must be specifically noted, enabling the narrative to be entered correctly.

Calendar Offers Summary Perspective and Detailed Drill-Down
Easily review all of your historical time entry information. Monthly and daily views offer summary information for billable and non-billable hours as well as drill-downs to supporting details.

Seamless Integration with your Time and Billing System
Either directly to UniVerse® or through SQL Server™, star*time synchronizes with your time and billing system, ensuring an accurate time calendar that reflects bill edits and time transfers. star*time’s tight integration with LMS also inherits LMS’s time entry- and calendar-related security options and recognizes specific LMS firm parameters, such as validation days for time entry and task and activity code settings.

star*time Training & Desk-Side Support
Experienced trainers provide both new user and refresher training for attorneys, secretaries, and management. Your personnel will benefit from the extensive time and billing system experience our trainers bring to the classroom.