Streamline the client/matter file opening process and eliminate redundancy
star*open provides a systematic approach to file opening and client/matter management. Enter data only once and the system moves the forms through the authorization process automatically using your business rules. Everyone in the process easily shares the application and information. Additionally, star*open easily tracks, shares, and archives conflict file details.

Automate Processing and Eliminate Duplication
Opening a file and managing clients and matters doesn't have to be cumbersome. star*open facilitates the collection and entry of file intake data using its flexible web-based data entry system. Once the data is entered, the system automatically routes each component to the appropriate individual(s) for review and approval.

Define the Business Rules
You define the business rules that move the form through the authorization processes. Your professionals review the information for content and accuracy and complete the file opening process.

Identify Conflicts of Interest
star*open tracks related party, opposing party, and other conflict file information. Entering this information at the beginning of the file creation process and sharing it with your professionals enables conflicts of interest to be highlighted early in the file opening process. Conflict searches are permanently archived, making it easy to prove that the search was initiated and cleared based on the conflicts data present during client/matter opening.

Maintain a Detailed Audit Trail
star*open gathers information on all potential files - including those that don't get approved into your accounting system. Your Firm maintains a historical record of this activity.

Supports all major Time & Billing Platforms
star*open is a web-based application, designed to be compatible with all of the leading time & billing platforms. As a result, star*open is not affected if your firm migrates to another system.